Helping Aboriginal People
     Heal Themselves.

Barbara Van Haute

Ms. Van Haute is a Metis woman born and raised in Manitoba. She received her Masters degree in Political Science at the University of Manitoba and did post-graduate work at Carleton University in Ottawa. Prior to her academic endeavours, she worked within the health care sector as a nurse in Manitoba and northern Alberta and as an emergency services provider in natural resource recovery operations. Her most recent work has been in association with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples and the Metis National Council on various federal government initiatives related to recognizing and advancing the lifeways of Canada’s off-reserve Aboriginal Peoples. Privately, Ms. Van Haute sits as a reviewer for the Historica-Dominion Institute on the annual Aboriginal Writing Challenge, and has also worked with the Conference Board of Canada on researching and developing culturally and environmentally sensitive security modes for Canada’s northern territories. Ms. Van Haute has also recently been appointed as Research Fellow to the Centre for Defence and Security Studies at the University of Manitoba. She is currently working with the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples to facilitate the development of various legislative, health and justice initiatives at the federal level.