Helping Aboriginal People
     Heal Themselves.

Levinia Brown | Board Elder

Levinia Brown was born in Dawson Inlet - just south of Whale Cove, in 1947. At a time when
there were no nurses, doctors, or government services in that area, she was delivered by her

After completing her early education at schools in Chesterfield Inlet and Churchill, Manitoba, Ms.
Brown became the first teaching aid in Rankin Inlet. A graduate of St. Anthony Hospital in La Pas,
Manitoba, Ms. Brown has worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant in the Northwest Territories,
British Columbia, and Alberta.

In 1978, Levinia Brown received her certification as a Northwest Territories Classroom Assistant
and was instrumental in establishing an eastern board program (EATEP) in Iqaluit, and in 1980
she became the first chairperson of the Keewatin Regional Education Authority.

After serving as an information officer, chairperson of the local housing authority, and deputy
mayor, Levinia Brown became the first woman mayor of Rankin Inlet. Establishing working
relationships between government agencies and community governments was a high priority
during her term.

A successful career in municipal politics provided a natural step to territorial politics for Ms.

Elected Member for Rankin Inlet South/Whale Cove on February 16, 2004, the Honourable
Levinia Brown was selected by MLAs to sit on the Executive Council. On March 9, 2004, Premier
Paul Okalik named Ms. Brown Deputy Premier.

The Honourable Levinia Brown is a role model and leader for Nunavut's youth. Dedicating her life
to the development and promotion of community capacity building for health and social services,
she projects a positive outlook on life. Her belief that life is a precious opportunity that should not
be wasted is clearly expressed in her thirst for education, strength in leadership, and compassion
for social issues.

Levinia Brown is married to Ron Brown. Together, they have 7 children and 3 custom adopted