Helping Aboriginal People
     Heal Themselves.

Rose-Marie Blair

Ms. Blair is a White River First Nation member of the Crow clan from the Yukon. She holds a diploma in Social Work and a B. of Ed. from the University of Regina. She has held a number of political offices with the Council of Yukon First Nations, in addition to serving as the Chief of her First Nation community. As the Vice-Chair, Social Programs, she implemented initiatives to combat the effects of residential schools on the Yukon First Nations. Rose-Marie was a key organizer for the Circumpolar Health Conference and was a researcher on Self-Government provisions for the Yukon Land Claim agreements. Over the years, Rose-Marie has contributed to many boards and committees, including the Yukon Territory Water Board, the Yukon College Board of Governors, the Training Committee for the White River First Nation, and the steering committee for the Yukon Education Act Review. She is currently the principal/teacher for the Kluane Lake school. Rose-Marie is a devoted grandmother to Nantsana, Daniel, Nints’ia and Amy Rose, and mother to Joleene and Curtis. As a survivor of Christ the King Convent, she continues to relearn her culture and language and works towards passing them on to the younger generation. Reclaiming traditions and relationships through healthy perspectives and choices is her current pet project in her journey towards wellness.