Helping Aboriginal People
     Heal Themselves.

Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society

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QuI-Aun: Moving Beyond the Traumas of our Past

Project Description:
The project offers through an intensive residential program opportunities and experiences which permit individual, group and psycho dramatic treatment to release blocked emotions and unresolved trauma, provides consistent support for the validation of trauma and resolution of trauma, provides opportunities to identify the relationship between unresolved trauma and defensive mechanisms, coping devices, survival techniques and destructive behaviour for the participants, provides impactful approaches and healthy practices for addressing the challenges of life and acquiring health and wellbeing, ensures the transfer of knowledge and skills to individuals, families, service providers and communities to assist them in addressing the legacy of abuse and restoring the health of Aboriginal People, and finally trains Aboriginal People and communities to become skilled in providing action focused state of the art trauma treatment.

End Date:
December 31, 2013

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Primary Contact:
Ms. Yvonne Rigsby Jones
Executive Director
Tel: 250-390-3123
Fax: 250-390-3119

Organization Address:

699 Capilano Road, P. O. Box 370
Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0