Helping Aboriginal People
     Heal Themselves.

York Factory First Nation

Grant ID:

Title: Ka-wee-chi-wasik Healing & Wellness Program

Project Description:
The project proposes to offer two four week outpatient treatment programs, healing and information workshops to the community, traditional gatherings and activities to strengthen ties between Elders and Youth and involvement of community and outside resource programs to assist individuals in identifying and understanding family dysfunctions and behaviours.


1. To facilitate two four week outpatient treatment programs
2. To empower the community to self reliance and institute overall healing, and
3. To provide community workshops and cultural activities.

Expected Results:

a) The involvement of community and outside resource programs will assist individuals to identify and understand causes for individual and family dysfunctions and behaviour
b) The various workshops and group work will coincide with the traditional and contemporary methods of healing practices as well as the clinical components in reaching individuals, their families and their children
c) Through the two four week outpatient programs, participants will be able to validate their pains and those of their peers; receive support, care, understanding and trust during the process of their healing; and have continuity of supports.

End Date:
March 31, 2010

AHF Contribution:

Primary Contact:

Mr. Frank Wastesicoot
Tel: 204-341-2180
Fax: 204-341-2322

Organization Address:
General Delivery
York Landing, MB R0B 2B0