Helping Aboriginal People
     Heal Themselves.


Grant ID:

Restoring Balance to Baker Lake Counselling

Project Description:

The project will provide both individual and group counselling services to Survivors and those who have been Intergenerationally Impacted. The counselling will address issues related to the Legacy of Physical and Sexual Abuse in Residential Schools. The project will also provide counselling to offenders to help them break the cycle of abuse through awareness and healing.

The project will promote public awareness of Sexual Abuse in an effort to reduce or prevent future sexual abuse in the community.

The project will work with Elders to raise Intergenerational awareness of Residential School issues and the need for healing.

The project will also provide training to staff to help them be better skilled at helping clients heal from the effects of Residential Schools.

End Date:
March 31, 2010

AHF Contribution:

Primary Contact:
Ms Mary Phillips
Tel: 867-793-2352
Fax: 867-793-2499

Organization Address:
P.O. Box 35
Baker Lake, NU X0C 0A0