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Niijkiwendidaa Anishnaabe-Kwewag Services Circle

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Project Title: Restoring the Balance

Project Description: The Restoring the Balance program will build on the successes that have been achieved throughout the first year of the project. The two Counsellor's (female and male) will continue to provide essential services and programs to the growing client base of women and men who are Survivors, families of Survivors and descendants of Survivors.  

The program will have a Project Team consisting of 6 members: an Elder in Residence, Executive director and four counsellors. This team differs from the first year of the program as it represents the need for two additional counsellors. The first Counsellor will have a focus on 'Restorative Justice,' and the second Counsellor will have a focus on 'Rebuilding the Family'.  

The increase of the Team will strengthen the services by providing specific programming for the Survivors, families and descendants who reside within the catchment area. 

The focus on Restorative Justice will provide services to inmates and families, and victims of those incarcerated in prisons within the catchment area. This position will promote the philosophy of restorative justice by assisting, where requested, the victims and offenders to reconcile the abuses that have occurred as a result of the Legacy.   This Counsellor will contribute to the process of reconciliation between Aboriginal Peoples and Canada.     The focus on Rebuilding the Family will provide essential counselling and develop specific programs for families that have been devastated by the child welfare system.  

This focus is premised by the fact that the residential school system is one of the leading factors which has caused the breakdown of Aboriginal families, communities and nations. This Counsellor will assist those families in the rebuilding of the relationships with their family and their community.

End Date: March 31, 2010

AHF Contribution: $649,959.64

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Ms Christine McLeod
Executive Director
Tel: 705-741-0900

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