Helping Aboriginal People
     Heal Themselves.

Tungasuvvingat Inuit

Grant ID:

Project Title: Mamisarqvik: A Healing Place

End Date: March 31, 2012

AHF Contribution:$3,892,130.00

Primary Contact:
Ms. Kia Rainbow
Counselling Coordinator
Tel: 613-563-3546

Organization Address:
1863 Russell Road
Ottawa, ON   K1G 0N1

Project Add-on Component (this project has been combined with the following add-on):  

Primary Contact:
Kavalliq Outreach Center - Pulaarvik Kablu
Mr. George Dunkerley, Executive Director
Tel: 867-645-4878

Organization Address:

P.O. Box 429
Rankin Inlet, NU
X0C 0G0

Project Description: Tungasuvvingat Inuit offers a number of programs focused of health and wellness.  They include: The Mamisarvik Healing Centre; Mamisarvik Transition House; Housing Support Program; and Indian Residential School, Resolution Health Support Program.   The AHF funded project also provides financial assistance to Pulaarvik Kablu Friendship Center to continue to provide traditional healing services specific to the Inuit population of the Kivalliq Region.


The Mamisarvik Healing Center is an Inuit-specific, 53-day, residential and day, addiction and trauma treatment program located in Ottawa, Ontario.  The Centre provides culturally-specific therapeutic treatment to men and women aged 18 years or older, who are suffering from dependency on drugs and alcohol and the effects of trauma and physical and sexual abuse.  Programming addresses issues related to the devastating legacy of cultural oppression, such as residential schools, forced relocation, and sled-dog slaughter in a professional, safe, caring and confidential environment. Counsellors also provide one-to-one counselling support and referral services to those Inuit who do not attend our residential program. 


The Mamisarvik Transition House is an abstinent environment that supports Inuit who are struggling with addiction and trauma. It is a duplex located next door to the Healing Centre that clients can reside in for up to one year.  One side of the home accommodates up to 5 men and the other side accommodates up to 5 women. 


Our Housing Support Program works with people to resolve housing, medical, legal and financial issues.  Two Housing Support Workers provide help with finding and maintaining housing, e.g. collecting and filing out all appropriate forms required by Housing Registry, and assisting in avoiding eviction.  The workers provide support to people in crisis, information, resources and referral, through telephone and personal contact. 


The Indian Residential School, Resolution Health Support Program focuses on providing emotional, cultural and mental health support services to former residential school students and their families.  Workers provide one-to-one counselling support, group support and referral services.


Kavalliq Outreach Center - Pulaarvik Kablu – Add-on program

Projects Division:

We offer a wide range of community based projects and activities as requested by our Inuit community members.  The primary focus of our projects is to strengthen families and individuals through cultural and traditional activities such as land skill building, tool making, sewing, youth and elder hunting trips, fishing trips and various other events that help connect our elders and youth.  We also deliver workshops on a wide range of topics which are designed to better equip our care-givers to deliver effective services and help to build capacity among our community members.

Counselling Division:

We offer safe and supportive counselling where individuals are able to talk about personal and relational concerns. Counselling is provided on an individual, couple or family basis. Interpreting services are provided when needed. Some common issues that clients might request help for are:



·      Marriage & Family relationships

·      Parenting Issues

·      Depression

·      Anxiety

·      Abuse and abuse recovery

·      Grief/Loss

·      Anger

·      Spiritual Issues

·       Residential School impact

·       Trauma affects

·       Anger Management