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Project Title: Healing the Children, Restoring the Family: The Child and Family Art Therapy

Project Project Description: With the guidance of Elders and Survivors, the Child and Family Art Therapy Project has been designed to help Aboriginal children and families heal from the Inter generational impacts of the Legacy. Created as a structured, cumulative series of traditional teachings, topical art experiences and parenting information, project activities support children's healthy development in the context of strengthening relationships within extended family and community life. This combination of individual and group art-making experiences with culturally based education and healing empowers families to create more supportive and trusting relationships as an integral part of reclaiming positive Aboriginal identity and pride.  

The goal of the Child and Family Art Therapy Project is to end the Inter generational cycle of abuse and neglect in aboriginal families with young children by improving parenting skills and strengthening family relationships. A range of sequential, cumulative programming activities has been created to achieve this goal as follows:
1) Providing a structured, culturally based Art Therapy program for Aboriginal children and their families that addressed the Inter generational impacts of Legacy.
2) Providing Parent Support Circles to parents / caregivers registered in the program.
3) Providing opportunities to apply the parenting skills and concepts learned in the program through nutritious communal meals and other group parent / children activities including a artwork in parent / child dyads, homework club, and ongoing group cultural celebrations.
4) Recruiting and training a Circle of Inuit, Metis and First Nations Youth / Grandparents as ongoing resources for children and parents / caregivers in the program.
5) Developing and sustaining formal, inter agency referral and case coordination mechanisms to ensure the full range of family needs are met using a multi disciplinary approach.
6) Providing opportunities for community members as well as Wabano and partner agency staff members to learn about the direct and Inter generational impacts of residential school abuse and forced relocation and the role of art-making as a tool in healing.
7) Carrying out evaluation activities in collaboration with Elder / Survivors to ensure the viability and usefulness of the project in family and community healing.

End Date: March 31, 2010

AHF Contribution: $438,115.00

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Ms. Allison Fisher
Executive Director
Tel: 613-748-7144

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