Helping Aboriginal People
     Heal Themselves.

Waseskun House

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Project Title:Waseya Holistic Healing Program

Project Description: This project will break the cycle of inter-generational violence, including sexual abuse in Aboriginal communities. The Waseya Program seeks to repair harm caused by the Offenders, and to address the underlying causes of the offences, including the Impacts of Residential Schools, family and community unhealthiness.

The therapeutic techniques such as the Healing Circles, Drumming Ceremonies, Sacred Fires,  the Cleansing Ceremonies, the Sweat Lodges and Traditional Feasts; and, the Cognitive-Behavioural Techniques used by the Psychologists and the staff of the program such as relaxation training, systematic desensitisation, assertion training, self-management and meditation are all used in accordance with standard practices in the field. The Program is offered to both men and women.

End Date: December 31, 2013

AHF Contribution:$2,040,000.00

Primary Contact:
Mr. Stan Cudek
Executive Director
Tel: 450-883-2034

Organization Address:
P.O. Box 1059
Kahnawake, QC   J0L 1B0